Sunday, March 21, 2010

NCAA Brackets in Silverlight

The developers at a company we were working with put out a challenge -- can you write software to pick the brackets in the NCAA basketball tournament? The answer is you can and 6 of us did. Our solutions range from random number generators to multivariate stepwise regressions. We did the multivariate stepwise regression.

I created a Silverlight application to display the results; that is, Debra designed the application and I did the software. The code is posted to codeplex here, and you can see our picks at

The code is very object oriented and uses a direct approach to pushing the data into the view. No MV-VM was necessary, but that was because of the nature of the solution. This application simply creates a report of our picks, and the picks are shoved into the brackets using a "plug and chug" technique of matching textbox names with ID's in a collection.

I think this code may be useful for other developers who need to manage a tournament.

You can get the source code on codeplex: